Secure RDP access from every end device

secure - easy
perfect also for
private end devices

Bypass RDP security gaps and management overhead. Let your employees access your infrastructur
flexibly and securely with the browser.

Enable working from the home office.

Let users access your corporate terminal server environment or corporate WIN10 PCs quickly and, most importantly, securely from home office.

Unprotected RDP access from the outside into the company network opens all doors to hackers. VPN solutions and RDP gateways only make access more secure to a limited extent, are also complex to manage and require a high upfront investment.
Different deskMate RDP Access Pools Cloud desktops. These are quick to set up, easy to manage and, above all, secure without a large upfront investment.

How does it work?

Once set up, your employees log in to our RDP Access Pools via the HTML browser or our SW clients. Cloud Desktops. They then open an rdp connection to your corporate terminal server environment or corporate WIN10 PCs over a private network.

Why it is so secure?

Strict network separation between the home office environment and the cloud desktop environment prevents viruses or malware from entering the corporate network from the home network. Output is streamed only to the employee's end device. Programs, applications and data remain in your data center. Access to our RDP Access Pools Cloud Desktops is encrypted and the connection from our Cloud Desktops to your corporate network is also made over a private encrypted network.

Why not enable RDP directly?

This is possible, but the administrative effort and, above all, the security aspect speak against it. Then every home office network would be connected to the corporate network. Home office networks that you as a company cannot control. Are there up-to-date virus scanners installed, who else has access to the network, what happens to data stored in the home office, ....?
Furthermore, you would need to open your corporate network to many rdp accesses. Attacks on rdp connections are unfortunately popular with hackers and have increased rapidly in recent months.

What is the cost of implementation?

The effort for the company is minimal. You only need to allow VPN connections to our data center in your firewall. If your firewall does not allow VPN connections, a secure connection can be established quickly and easily with our Cloud Connection Box. If your firewall uses special VPN clients, these can also be integrated. Of course, the systems that your employees are to access must be set up for rdp access. Translated with (free version)
The setup of the users who can access the cloud desktops via the RDP Access Pools Cloud Desktops is done via browser on our environment. Of course, this is also secured and encrypted.

How is billing done?

As a pay-as-you-use service, you only incur costs when you actually use our services, i.e. when your users connect to your environment via our RDP Access Pools Cloud Desktops connect to your environment. We charge per day and user starting at 0.50 EUR/usage day/user. You will receive the invoice at the beginning of the month for the previous month.

How can be startet?

The start is very simple. You contact us so that our specialists can discuss and set up the private network connection from our environment to your data center with you. At the same time, user access can already be set up via our web portal. In most cases, users can access your infrastructure securely and reliably from their home offices and private end devices within a few hours of initial contact via our environment.

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