From Desktop on Demand to Desktop-as-a-Service

deskMate is a true desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution for your business and your partners. Here you will be offered virtual desktop workstations, including the operating system, with all your applications and data over the Internet from a German data center. The proprietary technology allows you to start with a small environment and roll out hundreds of desktops from there in no time. deskMate adapts perfectly to your course of business.

All operating systems and applications

The use of deskMate is not tied to specific operating systems or devices. Your virtual desktop workstations can be accessed from a variety of devices.

Unique is the ability to install any x86 operating system and any type of application on your virtual cloud desktops. Operate operating systems like Windows, Linux, BSD (MacOS) or even OS / 2 and applications like SAP, MS Access or DATEV all in your desktop as a service environment. You can also use operating systems that are no longer officially supported with deskMate, so that you can continue to operate "Legacy" software without any problems and restrictions.

Working with desktop pools

By using desktop pools the following of your requirements can be covered:

- Pools for testing and development environments to help you quickly and easily implement software development projects.
- Software demo pools to make your native and non-online software products available for testing and sales support online.
- Or desktop pools to work in collaboration projects with your freelancers or field staff.
- Software training environments can be managed without IT know-how. Deploying the desktops after the training is no longer necessary.

Employee motivation with "bring your own device"

deskMate significantly simplifies the implementation of "bring your own device" (BYOD) and "choose your own device" (CYOD) for you. Your employees are completely free in their choice of end devices and can even use their own hardware for use in the company.
Nevertheless, you still work with deskMate on a uniform work surface that is technologically separate from the private environment. The usual security and privacy risks of the BYOD model can be solved very easily with deskMate. A risky synchronization of the data with the terminal is no longer necessary. Even if your device is lost or stolen, your data is in the protected data center.


Access and user rights

As a user or administrator of your deskMate environment, you can define different access and user rights for individual users or entire teams at any time.

For example, this gives you the opportunity to

  • limit the use of external hard drives to prevent copying of data.
  • To allow access only from defined terminals, or sites.

In addition, you can easily connect deskMate to existing directory servers such as MS Active Diretcory or Univention UCS to integrate the user management into your existing environment.

deskMate loves data protection

The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) specifies what measures must be taken to fulfill the legal requirements. Our trueDaaS technology behind deskMate was developed and implemented completely along the guidelines of the BDSG. At deskMate are by the ISO 27001 certification of the data centerEncrypted data transfer and secure user management securely protect all your corporate data. If necessary, you will receive all documents for certification according to BDSG as well as a general agreement for order data processing (ADV) from us.

Safe from espionage - TLS and HDD encryption

All data is securely transmitted according to the proven TLS encryption and stored securely on the storage systems. Particularly sensitive data can be further protected by the usual hard-disk encryption technologies such as TrueCrypt. Personal access to the data of a desktop after entering the user name and password with optional two-factor authentication also increases security. Even we as operators have no access to your data without your consent and participation.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

All data from your virtual desktops is protected against loss at all times. Data is stored on redundant high-end storage systems that are backed up several times a day. To further increase this security you can create additional own backups of the desktops. Creating and restoring backups is possible for you via the administration portal with a few mouse clicks.

Engineered in Germany

deskMate is not only Made in Germany, but for our European customers also hosted in Germany. This means that all your virtual desktops and data are located in one of the most secure data centres in Germany. All desktops are operated in a multiple redundant scale-out cluster and are therefore protected against possible hardware problems. For you as a customer this means concretely:

- All our data centers certified according ISO 27001 certification and thus compliant with the Federal Data Protection Act.
- Our American data centers are additionally certified according to Type 2 SOC 1 (AICPA SSAE No. 18 and IAASB ISAE 3402 standards), Type 2 SOC 2 (AICPA SSAE No. 18), Type 1 HIPAA and HITECH
- Redundant scale-out cluster infrastructure with guaranteed availability of 99.95%
- Backup & Recovery for every desktop with all applications and data, so you can work peace of mind


Maintenance-free cloud technology

The deskMate infrastructure has been implemented according to the best practices of the large enterprise data centers. As a customer, you benefit from our years of experience in virtualization and automation of global data center infrastructures. Our technology works at the highest level of automation without limiting your individual settings. For the administration of the Desktop-as-a-Service environment itself, you do not need a deep know-how in the field of IT infrastructure.

Self Service & Administration Portal

deskMate is based on the trueDaaS technology, which provides a fully automated and maintenance-free platform. With the help of the online administration portal, you can add, change or expand virtual desktops with just a few mouse clicks. Manage your entire desktop environment and your users quickly and easily.

Einfacher Start mit Templates

A template is an image of a system containing all parameters with operating system, applications and settings. Creating templates and images dramatically minimizes the overhead of mass deployments and speeds up the roll-out of large desktop environments. Several identical desktops can be created within a very short time and used directly. The template function also allows you to reset the virtual desktop to any desired level at any time.

Install software

As a user of the virtual desktop environment, you can install any software without restrictions - assuming the user permission has been granted by your administrator. New software components are installed either via the local CD / DVD drive, a uploaded image file or by connecting existing network drives. You even have the option of uploading software ISO images to a software repository and performing installations directly from it. Due to the architecture of the trueDaaS technology every software is executable. Whether Microsoft Office, SAP or DATEV. Even VPN software, which causes problems with other desktop virtualization technologies, is fully functional on deskMate.
Due to the special architecture of the trueDaaS technology existing software and patch distribution applications can be easily taken over.


Save 50% with desktop as a service

With deskMate Desktop as a Service, you always have full control over the costs of your desktop environment, as you can add or subtract desktops on a per-month basis from a first-time viewpoint. The billing model offers you complete flexibility and follows the actual course of your business. With no upfront investment and additional administration costs required for a classic Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment.

Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in a company, even 50 workstations can save at least 12% compared to a dedicated PC workstation. deskMate goes further: Compared to classic desktops, your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced by up to 50%. Compared to Enterprise VDI, desktopMate Desktop as a Service saves you about 50% of the total costs for 50 workstations. TCO report.

Software license costs and access licenses

Your existing licenses of operating systems or applications can continue to be used at deskMate to realize cost savings. Because deskMate is a virtual hardware with no preinstalled operating system on which you can install any valid license. If no licenses are available, you can use the operating system to directly install a free Linux or a Hosted Windows via the administration portal.

Desktop and license sharing

Especially for special applications in distributed teams, deskMate offers you the opportunity to share one and the same workplace with all applications and data. For example, if you have a desktop pool for graphics editing, you can access the cloud desktops from Berlin, London, or New York. This simplifies collaboration and lowers your costs by using licenses of expensive software from multiple users.
In addition, our HTML5 access gives you the ability to simultaneously access a multi-user desktop to present or collaborate on.

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