I can not find the "remoteapp" application on my desktop.

The deskMate server operating system is the "remoteapp" application in the control panel. To access it, please enter your virtual desktop in the search box at the bottom left system control and start the system control. In the search field above left of the control panel search remote.

Now you should see the below and can start the application as usual.

Can I restrict access to local hard drives or devices?

Yes. The user or administrator of the DeskMate environment can define different access and user rights for individual users or entire teams at any time. For example, this allows you to limit the use of local or external hard drives to prevent copying data.

Can I operate deskMate with multiple monitors?

Yes, multi-monitor operation is possible.

How to setup a Windows auto login

deskMate Cloud Desktops can work with Microsoft Active Directory but an AD is not mandatory. Outside of MS AD it may be desired that a desktop logs in with a specific user after restarting.


You have to make following changes in Windows Registry

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
String„DefaultUserName“ -> User name
String„DefaultPassword“ -> Password (If no Password leave empty, but line is necessary.)
String„AutoAdminLogon“ -> 1

Here is an example entry.

If the Basic Desktop is not enough for me, can I upgrade to Pro or Premium?

Yes. You can upgrade to a higher-level desktop version at any time in the Admin Portal without reinstalling. After the next login, the features of the selected version will be available to you.

What happens if I reach 20 GB of traffic per desktop?

The free transfer volume of 20 GB of traffic per desktop is cumulated across all the desktops you have booked. This means that with 10 desktops you have a total of 200 GB of traffic available. If you still consume more than the total volume of your account, then 0.18 € per GB of traffic this month. From our experience, customers only reach the traffic limit through large uploads or downloads.

If you have further questions, please contact our sales department at

Is there an option for extended authentication?

Yes, the option of two-factor authentication (SMS, Email, Google Authenticator, Two-Factor Card) is included in deskMate at no extra cost.

My Windows time is not correct.

Depending on the Windows configuration, the system time may be inaccurate. In this case, the Windows timer should be changed.

In Windows XP/2003

Add / usepmtimer to the boot parameters in boot.ini. For example,

multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \ WINDOWS = "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" / noexecute = optin / fastdetect / usepmtimer


In Windows 2008/2008 R2/Vista/7

Use the bcdedit command to change the timer (you need a Windows console with administration rights)

bcdedit / set {default} USEPLATFORMCLOCK on

We need to access the Internet through a proxy server. What is to do?

When accessing deskMate desktops with the deskMate WebClient (means via the browser) there is usually nothing to consider. The necessary proxy server entry was already made when setting up the browser.
If you still can't access the deskMate desktops, your proxy server probably doesn't support websockets. You can test this with the following link:

If the deskMate native client is used, the tab "settings" and then "Network" must be opened before the first access. Here the proxy server entries must be made. You get the data from the system administrator who is responsible for the company network.

If this does not lead to success, your company network is very restrictive. In this case, please pass on the information below to your system administrator. He can then unlock the accesses in the firewall.

The native software client will not work if a proxy is used which breaks the certificate chain for content/ssl inspection.

The native software client and the deskMate connection proxies communicate over a proprietary realtime protocol over TCP/443 which differs from HTTPS and must not be intercepted.

The web client uses a secure WebSocket connection (wss://) over TCP/443 to the deskMate connection proxies.
A company proxy must allow WebSockets and the HTTP protocol upgrade mechanism for this connection to work.

Following FQDNs/IPs could be whitelisted (TCP/443): ( (
    … (




How do I switch between fullscreen and window mode in the deskMate client?

There are two different desktop views when using the deskMate Window Client:

  1. Window Mode
  2. Fullscreen Mode

By default, the deskMate Windows client opens the window mode view. If you have checked the checkbox "fullscreen" before opening, the client opens in fullscreen mode.

Within one session, you can switch from one mode to the other by resting your mouse for about 5 seconds at the top of the deskMate window. A toggle window appears and you can select the desired mode.

Which Windows operating systems are available.

In general, every x86 operating system runs in our deskMate virtual desktops. However, the license terms of the operating system manufacturers tell us which operating system we are allowed to provide.

deskMate offers you Microsoft WIN 10 Desktop Experience. This will be provided through Windows Server 2019, which will also be licensed to us by Microsoft when a Windows desktop is selected.

If you want to use your own Windows Desktop licenses, you will also find the prerequisites for this in our FAQ.

How does trueDaaS Cloud Printing work?

With this feature, also called "Direct Printing", you can print directly from your deskMate desktop to your local installed standard printer.

Prerequisite: the "trueDaaS Cloud Printer" must be installed as a printer. You can see this in the list of printers on your deskMate desktop.

This is how it works:

Immediately after printing a document on your deskMate using the "trueDaaS Cloud Printer", a small "trueDaaS CloudPrint Upload" window will appear, indicating the status of the print job. If everything works, the window closes directly. If an error occurs, an error message is displayed. If you are using this feature for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a "Print API Key". Where you get this is explained in detail in the "step by step instructions".

If successful, the software client on your local device will be informed that a new print job is available. Depending on the setting, the local software client prints the document directly on the printer, which is defined as the "default printer". If you select another printer, you must first set the destination printer as the default printer.

If you are connected via the HTML5 client, you can retrieve the print jobs via the small printer icon in the bottom bar.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Print a document on the "trueDaaS Cloud Printer".
  2. If this is the first print job, you will be prompted to enter the "Print API Key":
  3. To get your "Print API Key", log in to the web portal and go to your desktop overview. On the desired desktop, click the printer icon and then click "Show Print API Key":
  4. In this case, the "Print API Key" is: abcdef1234567
    Each desktop has its own "Print API Key".
  5. Enter this in the window and press "Print" or "Save":
  6. By pressing "Print", the print job is executed directly and the "Print API Key" is also automatically saved.
How can I switch between window and full screen mode?

By default, the desktop connection is launched in windowed mode.

This mode can be toggled by moving the mouse to the top of the deskMate window and holding it there for a few seconds. Then a bar with the corresponding options appears:

If you use the Software Client on MacOS, you can achieve the same result by using the green maximize button.

How can I copy individual files from my local machine to a deskMate desktop session?

If your deskMate environment is linked to your corporate network, you can access all file shares on the corporate network.

If there is no connection to the corporate network, any sync solution (such as Dropbox, Seafile or Box) can be used on the deskMate desktop.

I want an image of a deskMate desktop clone on another. Is that possible?

Yes, that works and is very easy. As admin of your deskMate environment you go into the area Administration/Desktops. Here you select the desired desktop and after opening the dropdown Advanced can you in the area Backup & Restore create a template from this desktop that can be shared with other desktops in your environment.

The VPN to my corportate network is connected, but I can't install my printer

In most cases, this problem is handled by two DHCP servers that allocate IP addresses in different subnets. On the one hand, the DHCP server in the corporate network and, on the other, the DHCP server of the "managed router".

Suggested solution: You deactivate the DHCP function of the managed router. Then, the virtual desktops also get their IP address from the DHCP server in the corporate network and all are on the same subnet. So the virtual desktops should also be able to connect to the printers.

Can I also telephone with Skype or the like in deskMate Desktop

Yes, with our native clients (WIN / LINUX / MAC) this is possible. Your headset will be passed through the deskMate desktop. Unfortunately, this is not possible with our HTML 5 client due to the HTML 5 protocol.

Why can not I perform file downloads in Internet Explorer IE.

By default, the download option is disabled for IE. You have to activate it once. This is very fast and easy.


In IE, go to Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner of the browser window and then select Internet Options.


In the "Security" tab of the "Internet" zone, click on the "Custom Level ..." button


Scroll down to downloads and select Enable on file download.

Please confirm safety information and window with "OK".

What is a cloud connection box and when do I need it?

A Cloud Connection Box establishes a secure VPN connection between your deskMate environment and your corporate network. It is a hardware box and is pre-installed by us in your corporate network.

If you can establish a VPN connection with your corporate gateway, the Cloud Connection Box is not needed.

I need rdp, how is this set up?

It is also possible to access deskMate via an rdp (remote desktop protocol) session.

This requires setting up your deskMate environment and configuring your deskMate desktop operating system accordingly.

To set up your deskMate environment, please contact our support. Please note that additional costs may apply.


To configure the operating system of your deskMate desktop, please proceed as follows.

  1. Please log in as "Administrator" to the operating system of your deskMate desktop.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the Windows taskbar and look for "Show advanced system settings"
  3. Then switch to the "Remote" tab and activate "Allow remote desktop connection to this computer". Please confirm the following firewall exception rule.
  4. Now you have to create users who are allowed to use the rdp service. To do this, click on "Select users" in the "Remote tab" and add the appropriate users. Administrators already have access.
    Then confirm several times with OK.
    The operating system of your deskMate desktop is now set up for access via rdp.


Due to the insecure rdp protocol we recommend to use rdp only within a VPN connection.

Can I really run all applications in deskMate Desktop?

Yes, unlike competitors, DeskMate provides a virtual x86 PC hardware running all x86 operating systems and applications. So also legacy operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 3.11 or even OS / 2 and BSD.

How can I install my operating system or applications?

Unlike other providers, deskMate does not provide you with a harsh environment, but instead offers you a virtual x86 PC with boot process similar to your physical PC / notebook. You can forward local CD / DVD / ISO images and thus install any x86 operating system yourself.

Users of the virtual desktop environment can install any software without any restrictions - provided that the administrator has approved the user's permission. The installation of new software components takes place either via the local forwarded CD / DVD drive, a uploaded image file or through the connection of existing network drives. It even has the ability to upload software ISO images to a software repository and perform installations directly from it.

If you already use a software distribution program, this can also be used for installing programs on deskMate desktops.

How can I share my desktop to others?

With deskMate WebClient it is very easy to share your desktop with other users, for example to show the desktop or applications, or to work together on the desktop as equals. As with the WebClient, all you need is an HTML5 browser. No software or plugins need to be installed.

deskMate knows two modes for desktop sharing

  • View only: Only reading rights of the invited
  • Full control: Full rights parallel to the user of the desktop


To allow desktop sharing and invite users, simply click on the "Share" button in the deskMate task bar of the WebClient.

Now the "Share desktop" window appears.
The corresponding share link can now be copied and distributed via chats, for example, or sent via email.
Please note: Only by confirming the blue "Share desktop" button the function becomes active. If the function is active, the "Share" button of the deskMate task bar is highlighted in green. The number of currently additionally connected participants is also visible.


The invited person has to enter his name and email address after opening the link.


By clicking the "Share" button of the deskMate task bar, the sharing user can see which persons are currently looking at his desktop or can work with it.

With "Stop sharing" the function is deleted and possibly connected participants are disconnected. The sharing links lose their validity and will be recreated when sharing again.

I can access deskMate desktops from home, but not from the corporate network. What is the reason?

Especially in companies, access to the Internet is often restricted by proxy servers and firewalls.

We have made the requirements for access to deskMate desktops as low as possible, but if access from the corporate network is not possible, please pass on the following requirements to the IT admin of your company.


The native software client will not work if a proxy is used which breaks the certificate chain for content/ssl inspection.
The native software client and the deskMate connection proxies communicate over a proprietary realtime protocol over TCP/443 which differs from HTTPS and must not be intercepted.

The web client uses a secure WebSocket connection (wss://) over TCP/443 to the deskMate connection proxies.
A company proxy must allow WebSockets and the HTTP protocol upgrade mechanism for this connection to work.

Following FQDNs/IPs could be whitelisted (TCP/443): ( ( (

I need only one desktop. Is that also possible?

Yes. You can start with just one desktop and expand it flexibly as your business requires.

Why are there less RAM available here than my laptop/notebook does?

In the cloud, we provide high-performance hardware that is very different from the power of a PC and laptop. Basically, any configuration is possible with the virtual desktops. A large hardware configuration does not automatically result in higher performance (speed).

Can I use my own Microsoft Office licenses?

Yes, since October 2022 you can also use your own Microsoft Office licenses for deskMate.
This applies to the following licenses with an active contract.
• Office 365 E3 /E5
• Microsoft 365 F3 / E3 / E5
• Microsoft 365 Business Premium
• Apps for Enterprise

However, you must tell us in advance that you want to use your own licenses, because by default we charge Windows and Office license fees.

Is there an administration portal?

Yes. In the online administration portal virtual desktops can be added, changed or extended. Access and user rights can also be defined here and backups can be performed.

I have installed OneDrive, but it does not start.

If you have installed the latest OneDrive version ( but it does not start, try the following:

  • Open the Windows Start menu and type "gpedit.msc". Then click the "Local Group Policy Editor".
  • Look for the entry "/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/OneDrive" and disable the option " prevent the usage of onedrive for file storage". To do this, right-click on the entry and select "edit". After that a new windows occurs. Here you can set the funktion to "Disabled".
  • Now try to start OneDrive manually by double-clicking the shortcut under "%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe".

Now OneDrive should start and appear in the Windows task bar at the bottom right.

Can I mix different operating systems in my deskMate environment?

Yes. Since every deskMate desktop virtually provides a dedicated x86 PC hardware, a different operating system can run on each deskMate desktop.

Can I create my own image for my deskMate Dektops?

The integrated backup and template function allows you to create templates, so-called golden images. Based on this, you can quickly and easily roll out additional desktops, all of which correspond exactly to your desired software and configuration status.

If you already use a software distribution program, this can also be used for installing programs on deskMate desktops.

What availability do DeskMate desktops have?

Your deskMate desktops are located in one of the safest data centers in Germany. By redundant scale-out clusters and redundant storage systems, we guarantee you an availability of 99.95%.

How is my deskMate data protected from malware and viruses?

All deskMate desktops are located in a separate encapsulated network per customer. This network is protected against attacks from the Internet by a dedicated firewall, which is independently controlled by each customer.
For added virus protection, any popular virus scanner can be installed on deskMate desktops.

How are the costs calculated?

Each of our monthly provided for you will be billed. Regardless of whether access is granted or not.

Where are my data storaged?

The data of our European customers is exclusively stored in our ISO27001 certified data center in Frankfurt/Germany. Additionally, there is the possibility to host deskMate Cloud Desktop environments in our American data center in Vint Hill / Virginia or our data center in Hong Kong.

Do I need up-to-date PC hardware to access DeskMate?

No, a current PC hardware is not necessary. Your local PC at deskMate acts only as an input and output device. The computing power and data are located in our data center. All you need to access deskMate is an HTML5 browser or our Windows / Linux / MAC OS client.

Can I use my Windows OEM licenses?

No, Microsoft licensing law generally prohibits the use of Windows OEM licenses in virtual environments. Please check our FAQ to see which Microsoft Windows licenses you are allowed to use.

Are my data really safe? Is there an encryption?

Yes, your data is safe. The data exchange takes place exclusively over encrypted connections, which at least correspond to the recommendations of the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology).
The deskMate Desktop-as-a-Service technology was developed and implemented completely in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). If necessary, you will receive all documents for certification according to BDSG as well as a general agreement for order data processing (ADV) from us.
If you already have a PC hard disk encryption software in use, it can also be used to encrypt the data of your DeskMate desktop.

How fast does my internet connection have to be so that I can work with deskMate?

A typical office workstation required a bandwidth of 128 kbps. For mobile work, a GPRS connection is sufficient.
Graphics-intensive applications require a higher bandwidth.

What services are included in the price per desktop?

Included are: the deployment of the desktop, the operating system (optional) and the guaranteed availability of 99.95% incl. Monitoring. In addition, your desktop image is backed up once a day in our data center.

Will my data be saved?

All data is stored on high-redundancy storage systems from NetApp and Hewlett-Packard. Your deskMate desktops are additionally backed up every 12 hours as an image. You also have the option of manually backing up your desktops and restoring them yourself.

Do I need a locally installed client to access DeskMate?

No. All you need is an HTML5 browser to access your DeskMate environment. Our WINDOWS / LINUX / MAC OS clients may become a. used for USB and CD forwarding, automatic resolution adjustment and running applications (installer, scripts, ...).

Are there any special volume discounts for a larger number of desktops?

Yes. If you are interested in a larger number of deskMate desktops, please contact our sales department. in Verbindung.

Can I use the deskMate Standard Images with my own Windows 10 licenses?

Yes, since October 2022 you can also use your own Windows 10 licenses for deskMate. This applies to the following licenses with an active contract. - Microsoft 365 F3 / E3 / E5 - Microsoft 365 Business Premium

However, you must tell us in advance that you want to use your own licenses, because by default we charge Windows and Office license fees.

Can I also access deskMate with my Mac?

Yes. You can access your deskMate environment via HTML5 browser as well as with our MAC OS client.

Can I restrict the "Copy & Paste" feature?

Yes, the user or administrator can limit the "Copy & Paste" feature for individual users or entire teams at any time.

What happens if the data connection is suddenly interrupted?

Since your deskMate desktop operating system and application are running in our data center, you can work seamlessly on a reconnect. That in a word processor e.g. exactly at the position where you were before the connection was lost. All started operations will continue without a connection to your desktop.

How can I print?

We offer several different options for printing.

  • The integrated Cloud Printing functionality prints directly to the locally or network connected printer.
  • If there is a VPN connection between the deskMate environment and the company network, it is also possible to print on a network printer in the office.
  • Print jobs can also be printed via a locally connected USB printer when using our native SW client. As deskMate Admin you can restrict the USB access for every single user or desktop.
  • deskMate also works with external cloud printing tools such as ezeep (
  • It is also possible to use printer manufacturers' own mobile printing tools such as ePrint to print from a deskMate desktop to a dedicated printer.
Do I need a VPN connection to communicate securely with my deskMate Desktop?

No, a VPN connection to the deskMate Desktop is not needed. Both the HTML5 Web Client and the native deskMate Software Clients work with secure encryption that complies with the recommendations of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security). Even in a public Internet Cafe, you can safely work in your deskMate desktop.


Can I connect to our company Active Directory?

Yes. One possibility is the use of the integrated VPN solution for the direct coupling of your own deskMate network with your office network (Layer 2 network coupling). All services are then available directly to your deskMate desktops. These include e.g. DHCP, DNS Server, Active Directory, LDAP, File and Print Services.

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