deskMate desktop-as-a-Service service description

deskMate is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for the provision of virtual workspaces (desktops and applications) from the data centers of Kivito GmbH.

With deskMate Kivito offers this technology directly to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as IT system integrators, software companies, IT resellers and SW training organizations. For resellers, deskMate is available as a white label solution.

The scope of the software includes the ability to virtualize hardware, deploy and manage Virtual Workspace instances on virtualization, and manage clients. von Hardware, die Bereitstellung und Verwaltung von virtuellen Workspace Instanzen auf der Virtualisierung und die Verwaltung der Mandanten.


  • Every x86 OS (Windows, Linux, BSD, DOS, …) installable in the virtual desktop
  • Desktop access independent of operating system and its network settings
    • End user can start and shut down Desktop arbitrarily
    • End user can install any application
    • (Permissions via desMate, ACLs and controllable via OS settings)
  • Access from any device possible
    • Native software clients for WIN/LINUX/MAC/IOS/ANDROID
    • WebClient (HTML5) for access via all current browsers. No Plugins needed.
  • Admin / End customer Self-Service Portal (end user administrator can manage DaaS environment completely independently on request)
  • Any mapping between user and desktops
  • Desktop Sharing via WebClient: several people can look at the same desktop. Ideal for e.g. Training and Support.
  • Access ACLs per user / desktop
  • CD / DVD forwarding (controllable via ACLs)
  • USB forwarding (controllable via ACLs)
  • Clipboard forwarding (controllable via ACLs)
  • Cloud Printing (controllable via ACLs)
  • Bidirectional Audio Support via native clients
  • Backup / Template functionality
  • ISO Image Store
  • Own customer Layer 2 customer network (separation by native VLANs) with own firewall:
    • Firewall and internet routing
    • Any configurable subnet and DHCP server
    • Port-forwarding
    • OpenVPN server
      • Config (OVPN) file can be generated directly via the portal
      • optional HW VPN appliance for easy connecting deskMate an customer network
        • This provides direct access from cloud desktops to customer office services, such as Printer and file server
  • Desktop boot visible and boot order arbitrary (HDD, CD / DVD, network / PXE)
  • Allows installation of any operating system
  • Enables use of SCCM and other software distribution systems
  • Hard disk encryption possible
  • Active directory integration und SSO mit cloud desktop user accounts
  • Two-factor authentication (SMS, Email, Google authenticator, two-factor card)
  • REST API for resellers and end customers
  • Included traffic volume 20GB/month for STARTER desktops, 40GB/month for all other desktop types. The available traffic volume of all desktops in a customer's environment is seen cumulated. Additional volume will be charged with 0,12 EUR/GB plus VAT
  • All deskMate cloud desktops (except STARTER desktops) run in a highly secure, multi-redundant, clustered environment
  • Automatic image backup of all desktops. Backup retention time 14 days (2 days for STARTER desktops)

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