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Behind the product deskMate stands the company Kivito.

Wir sind einer der wenigen Anbieter von Cloud Desktops in Europa. Anders als bei vielen anderen ist unsere Lösung für die Cloud entwickelt worden und nicht nur für die Cloud angepasst worden. Aus unserem Rechenzentrum in Karlsruhe / Deutschland bieten wir Cloud Desktops nach dem pay-as-you-go Prinzip, die wirklich jeder verwalten und administrieren kann.

Our desktops are based on the unique for years proven tocario trueDaaS technology. They are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as solution providers, software companies and IT resellers.

Our solution is "Software made in Germany". Also our support and our company headquarters is located in Germany. As a German company, we are committed to the strict privacy policy of the European Union.


Kivito – simpllifying Cloud Workspaces

Ø Customer size
Ø Hostserver uptime

Ready for flexible desktops

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